Kemar Swaby is a Jamaican multidisciplinary art director living in New York.

With a diverse amount of experience in the aspect of design and art, his multi verse background grants him the ability to immerse himself in several aspect within design. From working in big corporations like Apple Inc. to boutique advertising agencies, he is able to deliver a holistic approach to his projects.

Completing his Master’s Degree in Communication Design at Pratt Institute, New York, (2015) and his BFA in Visual Communication at the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts, (2010).

Being Jamaican, he has a deep appreciation for people, culture and good vibes. Having such a multicultural background his appreciation for human center design, with a big idea approach, being a problem solver seems to be his forte.  From experiencing all aspect of life of growing up on a farm and owning a pet donkey, to moving to urban metropolitan of NYC; one could describe him as being extremely diligent with his work ethic but also very humble as it relates to his personality.  

Please, do not hesitate to contact for any questions, work opportunities or just to say hi!