Dirty Crayon 2013

Dirty Crayons’ Victory Run is a collaborative exhibition of works by Visual Artists Jehan Jackson, Leasho Johnson, Keegan Simon, Taj Francis and Kemar Swaby.

This year’s showcase shall exhibit the broad spectrum of young and impressive talent’s that the Caribbean has to offer, displaying the fusion of art, strong concepts, culture and aesthetic appeal. Creating a space of a more up-tempo art exhibit than the usual art exhibition, being a more edgy, trendy and expressive in our approach as a presentation.


The national biennial is a cross section of r ecent developments in Jamaican art world, from the c onventional to the e xperimental, and by well-known and new artists created these works just for that exhibition. Also t o illus trate the journey of creation here some of the sketches and process of the works produce.

dirty crayon 2011

This was collaborative exhibition of works by three artis ts ranging from Graphic Design, illus tration, Fine Arts, and F ashion Design. This outlet was an artis tic avant-garde movement for young artistic talents to express themselves as the y chose fit. This created a platform to garner ideas with like minded passionate individuals from diverse artistic backgrounds.


Karma Vipaka

This was a project done for my final year project for last tenure period in College.I was strongly influenced by the aspects of painting and illustration;resulting further interest in the expression of installation art by thecreation of an environment or space in which the viewer is able to indulge orengage with the space.  

Great impact was the concept of subliminal messages. By playing on theviewer's mind of interpretation, I create a pre-existing campaign, which hadengaged the viewer preceding the entrance into the exhibiting space. This gavethe user the ability to create their own conclusion before actually engagingwith the space. In this aspect, I had analyze the relationships with the connectionof those structural components.